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Get 5 days of simple, follow along workouts that 1000's of my clients have used to transform their body, health, and life. Workouts include a full warm-up and modifications for different fitness levels! Plus you can workout on your own schedule when it's best for you!

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Get access into the challenge community where you anxd share your wins and check-in daily for accountability, because when we surround ourselves with others who inspire and energize us we show up more consistently!

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Go live daily with Becky to get proven fitness strategies that will help you kickstart your fitness journey, stay motivated, and get sustainable, lasting results!

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Hi, I’m Becky Fox!

Creator of BFF Strong and founder of Becky Fox Fitness! Over the last 18 years as a fitness trainer, I’ve tried all the things. Two a day workouts, hard core bootcamps, running half marathons, cutting carbs, and practically starving myself in order to get in shape.

And while these things may have worked briefly, I quickly found myself burned out, exhausted and injured more times than I care to count! 

That is until I learned the power of short, effective metabolic strength training workouts that didn’t leave me beat up and drained. Workouts that boosted my metabolism, burned off the fat, and helped me get strong without the drain that comes with overly intense workouts.

And now at 41, I believe that quick metabolic strength workouts are the key to sustainable results without banging up your body or zapping your energy! And that’s why I’m so pumped to roll out this 5 Day Strong Start Challenge!

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